One of the things that we are regularly asked is what is the correct ratio of teams and flights when running a team racing event. There is not a perfect answer to this and every event will be slightly different depending on what the event objectives are.
For example, a group of friends who are having...
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Maintain and repair your Rudder Stops. The rubber rudder stops underneath the transom bar prevent the tiller from becoming jammed underneath the bar and more importantly from becoming damaged by the bar which leads to early failure of the tiller arm.
  1. For boats without mainsheet tracks
    1. Replace bolts ...
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Make sure you are minimising damage to the top of your centreboard case by maintaining your centreboard Stops.
  1. Increase the bolt size to either M8 or M10
  2. Use decent solid rubber stops.
Take the opportunity to service the up-haul strop and block and replace if required.
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Quickly and easily (& cheaply) reduce the damage caused by spreader ends to your mainsails.
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