Hints and Upgrades 4 - Tiller Stops

24.10.17 04:51 PM Comment(s) By kSailKeith

Maintain and repair your Rudder Stops. The rubber rudder stops underneath the transom bar prevent the tiller from becoming jammed underneath the bar and more importantly from becoming damaged by the bar which leads to early failure of the tiller arm.
  1. For boats without mainsheet tracks
    1. Replace bolts with an M6 bolt
    2. Make sure you use solid rubber stops not hollow ones
  2. For boats with mainsheet tracks
    1. Use an M5 Bolt; be prepared to have to replace this after a year or two.
    2. Make sure you use solid rubber stops.
If you have not maintained your stops; you will find that you won't be able to easily remove the bolts and will have to take a hacksaw to them. Be careful as it is very easy to damage the transom bar.

kSail supply ready prepared kits which include solid rubber stops and bolts of the right length. Get in touch for more information and pricing.
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