Types of Schedule - Round Robin

30.11.17 12:58 AM Comment(s) By kSailKeith

In this series we look at different types of schedules that can be used either for the whole team racing event or for a particular stage. Other formats for events where competitors enter as a team are:
  • Full Round Robins
  • Groups/Leagues
  • HLS
  • Swiss League
  • Knockouts

Full Round Robin

What is it?
  • Teams sail all other teams in the event a set number of times.
How does it work?
  • A ranking of teams is determined using the rules described in the Racing Rules of Sailing – specifically: D4
  • Sailing Instructions may change this, to use a version of the match racing rules (C10) adapted for team racing.
When is it used at an event?
  • Usually used for events where you have a small number of teams and lots of time.
What is good about it?
  • Teams race everyone at the event, so very fair.
What is bad about it?
  • If there is a big disparity between the top and bottom teams there can be numerous ‘pointless’ races.
  • It can take a very long time if you have more than a few teams.
Where can I see it used in practice?
  • Used at events such as World Sailing Team Racing Worlds, Cumberland Cup & Oxford Top Gun.
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