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In this series we look at different types of schedules that can be used either for the whole team racing event or for a particular stage. Other formats for events where competitors enter as a team are as follows, we will be providing more information about each in the future:
  • Full Round Robins
  • Groups/Leagues
  • HLS
  • Swiss League
  • Knockouts


What is it?

  • The HLS (Hebbert-Lucas-Sammons) system is a method by which an incomplete Round Robin may be scored. The scoring system is dependent on a particular method of round robin scheduling and cannot be used with a manually produced round. Should an HLS round robin be completed; it can be scored as a complete round robin in the normal way.
  • The schedule is optimised such that at the beginning of racing, all teams sail two races at a time and the number of races completed by each team remains similar throughout the stage.
How does it work?
  • If the full round robin is completed, a ranking of teams is determined using the rules described in the Racing Rules of Sailing – specifically: D4.
  • If not, a ranking is determined using the HLS Addendum to Sailing Instructions.
When is it used at an event?
  • Usually used an initial ranking round to rank teams into matched leagues.
  • Alternatively, can be used when a full round robin is the ideal format, but there are concerns it will not be completed due to weather.
What is good about it?
  • Schedules are optimised to reduce the number of ‘double changeovers’ which makes racing run smoothly and prevents damage. This also maximises the number of races each team gets during an event.
  • Racing can be curtailed at any time and a ranking of all teams established, giving ultimate flexibility to the Race Officer.
What is bad about it?
  • Can lead to a perception of unfairness if team think they had a ‘hard draw’.
  • Requires the use of specific schedules and sailing instructions.
Where can I see it used in practice?
  • Used as a ranking round for school & University events such as BSDRA Southerns, UK National Junior & Youth Team Racing Championships and Nottingham Snakebite
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