Fevas are popular across clubs, centres, and schools and are also increasingly proving to be a good choice for Junior Team Racing. 

Our aim is to support your club or centre to have consistency throughout all the different fleets of boats you may keep. Our new Feva Pre-Cut Rope pack therefore ma...
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When you are running an event, it is possible to collect a reasonably modest set of spares, parts and tools which will allow you to fix nearly everything; particularly if your boats are well prepared and maintained.

With the priority at a Team Racing event to get a boat back racing; repairs often nee...
13/11/19 06:49 PM - Comment(s)
We thought we would put some flesh and bones onto our Firefly Pre-Event Checklist and provide more details about how to best prepare your fleet of Fireflies for your Team Racing event.
There is no substitute for a well planned maintenance routine -  checks shouldn't be left so late that spare pa...
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What type of rope should you use to rig a Team Racing Firefly...?
There are lots of choices out there, however before purchasing rope for your Fireflies, there are a couple of general rules which are worth considering.
  1. Team Racing Fireflies get a lot of heavy use, rope should be hard wearing. All ro...
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There will always be bumps and scrapes in Team Racing, while we are committed to being a non-contact sport it is inevitable that there will be contact at times. As a fleet manager or owner, you will want to ensure that your boats are able to deal with the every day wear and tear with minimal damage ...
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Where ever possible, try and be consistent with your Tiller UJ’s across your fleet. This means you can quickly and easily replace a tiller extension without worrying about whether the UJ will fit.

Consider a UJ as a consumable item; make sure you carry spares and know how to replace them. Some people...
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Help prevent the rope tail of your Jib Halyard from fraying and becoming detached by avoiding catching the rope between the wire and the hook block when hoisting the jib. There is nothing worse than finding the spliced loop breaks just before you go sailing.

When replacing a rope tail, take the time ...
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Clear display of numbers on Start Boats is really important so sailors and umpires know what is happening. You may also have a need to display race numbers ashore, particularly if transferring sailors out to boats using changeover ribs. There are several options that you can use for displaying numbe...
08/12/17 10:58 PM - Comment(s)
Maintain and repair your Rudder Stops. The rubber rudder stops underneath the transom bar prevent the tiller from becoming jammed underneath the bar and more importantly from becoming damaged by the bar which leads to early failure of the tiller arm.
  1. For boats without mainsheet tracks
    1. Replace bolts ...
24/10/17 04:51 PM - Comment(s)
Make sure you are minimising damage to the top of your centreboard case by maintaining your centreboard Stops.
  1. Increase the bolt size to either M8 or M10
  2. Use decent solid rubber stops.
Take the opportunity to service the up-haul strop and block and replace if required.
24/10/17 03:31 PM - Comment(s)
Quickly and easily (& cheaply) reduce the damage caused by spreader ends to your mainsails.
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