Spare Parts at a Firefly Team Racing Event

13.11.19 06:49 PM Comment(s) By Keith Sammons

When you are running an event, it is possible to collect a reasonably modest set of spares, parts and tools which will allow you to fix nearly everything; particularly if your boats are well prepared and maintained.

With the priority at a Team Racing event to get a boat back racing; repairs often needs to be the  “best that can be done at the time” and  will need to be followed up and made good after the event.

The following lists covers items which we think need to be made available as part of an event bosuns kit. Should you need anything from the list, as the specialist supplier of Team Racing parts and spares for Fireflies, kSail will hold everything in stock and can usually dispatch next day.
Spares and Parts
Tools and Equipment
Spares and Parts
 Pre-Cut Ropes
Toe Strap and Strops(for thwart and bullseye ends)
6m of 4mm Control Line (is enough to replace/repair all control lines)
Mini Reel of 3mm line for general use
 Hardware and Blocks Tiller Extensions (with right UJ’s)
Spare UJ’s and rivets
Rudder Drop Pin (Pintle)
Spare rudder pivot wing nuts
Shear pin(s)
Spare Blocks – Kicker Double, 20mm generic, 40mm for mainsheet on boom.
 Shackles and Pins etc Jib Tack Clevis Pin(s)
Shroud Base Clevis Pins
Jib Halyard Rigging Link(s)
Shroud Base Rigging Link(s)
Generic 5mm D and Twisted Shackles
Split Rings
Split Pin(s) for Mainsail tack
R-clip(s) for Trolley wheels

Team Racing Event - Firefly Spares

Firefly Rudder Stock - kSail
Firefly Rudder Stock - kSail
Tiller Extension -  915mm - Black
Tiller Extension - 915mm - Black
Beta Pin / R Clip - 4mm - Stainless Steel
Universal Joint - Allen Brothers
Mainsheet 1:1
Firefly Mainsheet 1:1
Drop Pin - Threaded Ends
Firefly Jib Sheet
Firefly Jib Sheet
Ball Bearing Cam Cleat
27mm Plain Bearing Double Block & Becket
Firefly Jib Tension
Firefly Jib Tension
Firefly Kicker - Cascade
Firefly Kicker - Cascade
Tools and Equipment
Tool Box
Socket Set and/or spanners and adjustable spanner
Blind Rivet Gun
Hacksaw and spare blades
Drill and drill bits (and spare battery)
Other Equipment
Tape – Sail and Sail Window Repair Tape
Tape – Electrical and Gaffa
Cable ties
Vinyl Sticker repair patches
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