When you are running an event, it is possible to collect a reasonably modest set of spares, parts and tools which will allow you to fix nearly everything; particularly if your boats are well prepared and maintained.

With the priority at a Team Racing event to get a boat back racing; repairs often nee...
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We thought we would put some flesh and bones onto our Firefly Pre-Event Checklist and provide more details about how to best prepare your fleet of Fireflies for your Team Racing event.
There is no substitute for a well planned maintenance routine -  checks shouldn't be left so late that spare pa...
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What type of rope should you use to rig a Team Racing Firefly...?
There are lots of choices out there, however before purchasing rope for your Fireflies, there are a couple of general rules which are worth considering.
  1. Team Racing Fireflies get a lot of heavy use, rope should be hard wearing. All ro...
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The rules that govern how to score each individual Team Race is given in the Racing Rules of sailing Appendix D - specifically Rule D3.1. The following provides some basic interpretation as to what each section of D3.1 actually means for whoever is scoring your racing.

  • D3.1 (a)Each boat finishing a r...
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There will always be bumps and scrapes in Team Racing, while we are committed to being a non-contact sport it is inevitable that there will be contact at times. As a fleet manager or owner, you will want to ensure that your boats are able to deal with the every day wear and tear with minimal damage ...
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