kSail holds a significant catalogue of spares and parts; primarily for Team Racing fireflies, however also applicable to other boats and classes.

Using the experience gained from running many flights of fireflies and working with schools and universities, kSail is also developing unique products to provide the best support possible to schools, universities and all those involved with team racing. Our fantastic kSail/Seasure Firefly Rudder Stock when paired with the kSail rudder blade is a great example of one of our alternatives to standard options.

We are working to make our parts catalogue available to our online members, however in the meantime if you are in need of Firefly parts and spares, please contact Keith for more information and prices.

Additionally, for those team racing events we are otherwise supporting, we can often provide pre-event fleet support by bringing all our parts and spares to you to work with you and your team to help prepare your boats for your event. For pricing and options, please contact Keith.

We work closely with a number of key suppliers. Our thanks to all those who support us.

Allen Brothers
Bainbridge International
Rondar Raceboats