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Zwype with Zwype the ultimate eco friendly cleaner and sanitiser!
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Zwype your boats and equipment with Zwype
Coming Soon!

Introducing Zwype, the ultimate cleaner and sanitiser; suitable to be used on boats and equipment.

We will be distributing Zwype from stock as it becomes available in October. In the meantime, we have a limited stock of Aktovira, an alternative environmentally friendly plant based sanitiser. Aktivora can be ordered through the kSail Return to Sailing product pages. The sprayers which are suitable for Aktivora will be compatible with Zwype.

To be kept informed of progress and for pre-ordering, please sign up for a kSail account rather than trying to pre-order using this listing! We will be keeping everyone up to date with when we expect to confirm pricing and begin taking pre-orders.

The following (and attached) is from the manufacturer of Zwype, we will be publishing the safety data information and as much of the test results as we can once they are fully available.

zwype is an alcohol-free advanced multi-surface cleaner and sanitiser that is manufactured to contain one of the fastest acting and most powerful germ-killing products available today, killing 99.999% of bacteria yet contains no irritants within its formulation.

Using the latest Advanced Barrier Technology zwype not only provides rapid kill against bacteria and viruses, but provides a residual barrier onto the surface that continues to work after the initial application.

Cleaning is the initial step before disinfection to ensure the best results. Without proper cleaning, dirt and organic matter protect microorganisms against the killing effect of the disinfectant, resulting in an incomplete operation. zwype is a very effective biocide, with a combination of surfactants it is one of the few products that will clean and disinfect in one application removing the need for additional chemicals. Using zwype in a fogging application will kill bacteria, and other harmful pathogens efficiently with no harmful effects on plants and/or animals in the treated area.
  • Excellent cleaner & sanitiser
  • Kills 99.999% of bacteria
  • Alcohol-free & non flammable
  • Food-safe
  • Contains no irritants and is non-toxic
  • No PPE required
  • Can be used to sanitise medical instruments
  • Ph Level of 6.5- 7.3
  • Halal Certified
  • Fully compliant with EU Biocide Regulations

All our claims are backed up by test reports and case studies by independent microbiologists:
  • Kills Covid
  • Kills 99.999% of bacteria
  • Kills MRSA, E.Coli, Salmonella within 30 seconds
  • Kills Norovirus
  • Kills Fungi & Algae

BS EN 1275 BS EN 1276 BS EN 1500 BS EN 1650 BS EN 1656 BS EN 13623

BS EN 13697 BS EN 13704 BS EN 13727 BS EN 14248 BS EN 14348 BS EN 14476

BS EN 14476:2013 + A2:2019

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