Everyone knows that in a team race, the boat in 1st gets 1 point, the boat in 2nd gets 2 points, (etc.) and the team with the fewest points wins.

However, what happens to boats that are OCS, do not start or retire? Looking at the rule book you will find:

D3.1 (a) 

Each boat finishing a race shall be scored points equal to her finishing place. All other boats shall be scored points equal to the number of boats entitled to race.

D3.1 (b)

When a boat is scored OCS, 10 points shall be added to her score unless she retired as soon as possible after the starting signal.

So – in 3 boat team racing:

If a boat doesn’t start, retires during the race, or fails to finish correctly they are scored 6 points.

If a boat is OCS and does not return, they are given their finishing position and 10 points is added to their score.



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