Clear display of numbers on Start Boats is really important so sailors and umpires know what is happening. You may also have a need to display race numbers ashore, particularly if transferring sailors out to boats using changeover ribs.

There are several options that you can use for displaying numbers; the following are just a few ideas

  1. Homemade printed numbers
    print out numbers 0-9 on sheets of paper and when put into plastic wallets can make a useful flip chart.
  2. Use a small whiteboard
    Great until it starts to rain. Takes quite a lot of time to write numbers large enough to be seen from any distance.
  3. Cricket Score Board numbers
    For a more professional looking approach you can use cricket score board numbers.
  4. Football Substitution Boards
    For a quick and easy solution but generally only able to display two digits if you’re planning to run a lot of races!
  5. Digital Number Boards
    Making your own or investing in equipment is possible to create digital number displays.

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