For a number of years, we have kept an informal list of those who are looking for and selling flights of Team Racing boats.

Particularly for Schools and Universities, being able to look ahead and plan the financial outlay required for boats is particularly helpful. If you are planning on selling boats, even in the next few years, it would be helpful to potential future buyers if you are able to include even basic information here.

For potential buyers, please register your interest such that possible sellers can get directly in touch.

The content of the various lists is available to registered users; if you would like to add yourself, your club, school or university to one or any of the lists, please complete “Submit Details” form. We may well get in touch for additional details if required.

Currently for Sale

 Class  No. Boats Build Year Seller Contact Price Notes
No Flights currently listed for Sale. Please see Future Sales for upcoming sales.

Future Sales

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Date Listed Purchase Schedule Class No. Boats Contact Details Expected Budget/Condition Notes
November 2017 March 2018 Firefly 1-3
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up to £1000 In the market for one or two beat up old fireflies at sometime in the future.
November 2017 January 2018 Firefly 6
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V. good second hand.  Top quality second hand flight sought urgently.
Prerequisite for older flight sale.
November 2017 ASAP Firefly 6
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Mid quality second hand 
March 2018 May 2018 Firefly 6
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2nd Hand – around £15,000
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This information is purely for reference only and kSail will not become involved in communications between a potential buyer and purchaser unless specifically requested.